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Arctic Party Adventure

"Arctic Party adventure is starting!
This time, the polar bears and penguins of Arctic Party have invited Pete, Gulu, the cats from “Cats Tsukiji”, and the ants from “Ant Up!” to travel around the world together!

Although they all start at the same time, Each of them will encounter various impacts due to environmental hazards, causing delays, or come upon countermeasures to speed up the journey to the destination.

The one who reaches the destination first will be awarded the title of Grand Adventurer!"


- Players: 2 to 6 players.
- Board: The board has 100 squares with a travel route map in the background, featuring various places with different disasters and obstacles like heatwaves, hail, snowstorms, tornadoes, as well as environmental protection information, etc.


1. Each player selects a game piece representing his/her characters. 

2. All players start on the first square. 

3. Players take turns rolling the dice to determine the number of spaces to move forward. 


1. If a player lands on a square with an indication of a disaster or obstacle, he/she must follow the instructions on the board. Instructions may include: 
   - "Move forward to a specific square" 
   - "Move backward to a specific square" 
   - "Pause for one turn"
   - "Roll dice again",etc.
2. If a player reaches the 100th square and still has remaining moves, he/she must move backward the number of leftover spaces. 
3. The first player to reach the end (square 100) wins the game.


Number of players: 2-6 players

Age suitability: 6+

Game duration: Approximately 20 minutes.

Product dimensions: 145x145x10mm

Game Creation: BJ Games

Game Production: Be Prepared Limited 


Arctic Party大冒險

Arctic Party大冒險北極熊和企鵝邀請了Pete、Gulu、「貓的築地」的貓咪以及一群小蟻軍,共同進行環遊世界之旅!






玩家人數:2-6 人
遊戲時間:約 20 分鐘
遊戲創作:BJ Games
遊戲製作:Be Prepared Limited

Arctic Party大冒險

  • This game aims to allow players to experience the impacts of global warming and environmental destruction on the ecology and human life.  We put this serious issue into the world of Arctic Party.  The polar bears and penguins of Arctic Party, together with their lovely friends from Jiuga Games, will encounter various environmental hazards and also come upon counter-measures during their world adventure.  The simple, lively and interesting interactions of the game are designed to raise the players’ environmental awareness and hope we can all contribute to the protection of our planet!

  • 這個桌上遊戲旨在讓玩家體驗地球暖化及環境破壞對生態和人類生活的影響。我們將這個嚴肅議題,放進 Arctic Party 的世界,透過北極熊及企鵝,連同一眾 Jiuga Games 可愛朋友仔的環遊世界歷險,加上簡單、輕鬆又得意的互動,讓玩家親身體驗不同環境災害情境,又學習到各種應對的方法,提高環保意識,共同為保護我們的地球盡一份力!

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